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3 Tier design Wedding Cakes from £300 Fully Decorated

Exclusive, Original, Unique, Personal Wedding Cakes!

We specialize in designing wedding cakes offering all styles, including bridal cakes, bespoke, designer, budget, contemporary, modern, celebrity, couture, vintage wedding cakes and even more!

When selecting a wedding cake you might want something traditional and plain for your guests to enjoy. If you are a person who prefers unique things in life then Top Nosh Cakes could be the answer you have been looking for. We have a great selection of multi tier wedding cakes that you are certain to find the one that is right for you. Colours, styles and personal tastes all contribute to the cake and when you come to us you can be sure you are getting one of the finest wedding cakes in Walsall.

The ingredients that go into making the cakes are all specifically selected to give the best taste, leaving your guests wondering how it can be so delicious to eat. The design of the cake can be modern themed with flowers and religious elements or an older love of a particular theme. Themes we have done in the past include sunflowers and suitcases for couples who love things that are different.

It is not only wedding cakes we specialise in. We have cakes for all occasions including proms and birthdays. They are the perfect focal point to any event. One of the things that guests remember is how nice the food is. If it unique and enjoyable then this will make the experience all the more great. You might think that these special cakes are so different to normal cakes that you can buy anywhere that they must cost a much higher price. This is not the case. We only charge a fair price that reflects the time and effort that has gone into creating these works of art. 3 tier wedding cakes are available for as little as £198 so if you think we are the company for you then why not give us a call on 0121 502 2644. If you prefer to email you can do so at We are willing to answer any questions you have so don’t be afraid to ask.