Terms & Conditions

Dietary Notice

Please note, we do not cater for any special dietary requirements such as food intolerances, specific dietary needs or food allergies of any kind.  All customers will be notified of this information during the initial point of enquiry and prior to booking.  Liability will remain the sole responsibility of the client.

Purchase Agreement

Our Commitment to each other.

The following information is provided to support the terms and conditions of any verbal contract agreed during consultation between us, “Top Nosh Cakes” and you, “our customer”.  During the initial consultation, and prior to accepting your instruction & deposit we will have discussed with you and advised you of the details of our services, our promise and commitment to you, advised you of payments terms and conditions, and will have also informed you of the necessary steps we undertake to progress our research, our development and the design stages towards making your cake, thus asking you for a first initial payment on account in the form of a deposit to cover some costs incurred by Top Nosh Cakes.  All terms and conditions will have been discussed during consultation and prior to accepting your instruction we will have guided you to our website for clarity.    

Please note, at Top Nosh Cakes we offer a complete design service, therefore we do not accept customers own decorative items to put on any of our cakes, this includes toppers.  We do not copy other cake makers work and we will not quote based on or for third party cake images.   We do not allow the photographing of our sketches or our final drawings, all images remain the sole property of Top Nosh Cakes and all images including cake designs and drawings remain protected under copyrights.  All our cakes are individual, unique and bespoke in design.

If delivery and set up of your cake is agreed as part of your booking Top Nosh Cakes will arrange a suitable time for this service to take place before or on the date of celebration.  Top Nosh Cakes will not accept liability for third party damage to any of the delivered cake or products once we have completed delivery and set up of the cake and once we have left the premises.  If you the customer request suspended or floating supports, stands or cake tables supplied by either the venue, yourself or third parties, this includes setting up on marquee floors or any unstable bases we will not accept liability if this causes collapse or any damage to the cake or persons.  If you the customer fails to notify us of any such structure or any potential liability prior to accepting your booking or before delivery we Top Nosh Cakes will not accept such liability if you the customer otherwise instruct us to continue knowing we will have advised you that this is not acceptable and will potentially cause a collapse and or damage to the cake or persons.  Information and details you fail to provide and discuss during our original consultation will not form part of our agreement and will not be accepted by us as part of your booking.  We accept no liability for inadequate unsafe floors and unstable cake tables including liability of the venues where rooms are not locked and are not secured from general public passing through, open rooms at third party or private venues which expose the cake to being damage or tampered with.  Any third parties or persons placing decoration or adding additional items to the staging, decoration or display of the cake once we have delivered and set the cake up and once we have left the venue we will not accept responsibility or liability for injury or harm to any persons.                              


On receiving a deposit payment from you, “our customer” we, “Top Nosh Cakes” agree to accept your instruction to commence work immediately on research, designing and creating the ideas, sketches and drawings for making your cake. Top Nosh Cakes agree to reserve and allocate advance future dates necessary for further consultation to discuss the ideas we have created from our research, design and for providing cake samples.  Top Nosh Cakes will agree to preserve in advance the wedding date and days necessary to create your cake.  Therefore cancelling the contract by you the customer may incur costs that we will seek to recover and you will not be entitled to any return of deposit.    

The deposit secures Top Nosh cakes as your cake maker, the booking. Please note, deposits are non transferable between services and or dates, you cannot cancel an order unless you pay any losses and costs we suffer because of the cancellation. In certain circumstances, you may be liable for the entire contract price or budget as agreed during your consultation.

Unavoidable circumstances where we cannot fulfil our commitment to make or deliver your cake we will endeavour to provide you the customer with as much notice as possible to seek alternative suppliers, we cannot guarantee the length of any cancellation notice.  We will provide a full refund of any monies paid by you the customer in full and final settlement of your booking.  We will not be liable for and further disputes arising from cancellation of your booking.