Why settle for a single layer of cake?

Tiered cakes have many benefits, particularly in terms of the amount of people you can cater for and the designs to choose from. Single layer cakes look great but nothing makes more of an impression than a large cake with several tiers. You can create a unique design that is completely bespoke , especially when our creative cake makers in Walsall are working on it for you. On top of this you can also have each tier as a different flavour so you can account for the different tastes of your guests.

With tiered cakes there are many things to think about, from the flavours to the colour and design you want. The number of tiers is important and will have an impact on the designs you can choose. You should make sure you have enough tiers to account for all of your guests. Remember it’s better to have cake left over at the end of the celebration than not have enough.

When thinking about decoration you’ll need to decide what type of icing or frosting you want. There are a wide range of choices and endless flavours to choose from so you don’t need to stick with traditional tastes.

Topping off the cake is one of the most important parts of the design and lets you give it that final decorative element that everybody will remember. There are a huge number of choices for the top including things like flowers, figures, cascading ribbons of icing or something truly unique. We work hard to come up with striking and unique designs that will wow all your guests and make the perfect centrepiece for any occasion.

When you choose a tiered cake you want to show it off and take advantage of what it adds to the overall decoration of the venue. It should form part of the main centrepiece and be visible so everybody can get a look at it before you do the cutting. You need to get the positioning right and can even bring attention to the cake by having it on a table lit by a spotlight.

If you want a beautiful tiered cake that will impress your guests with its look and taste, we are the provider for you. Whatever the occasion, our cake makers in Walsall can craft stunning bespoke designs that taste as good as they look.