Some helpful tips to ensure you get the perfect wedding cake

Selecting the perfect wedding cake for your big day is important because it gives you an additional opportunity to impress your guests. Cutting the cake is symbolic of the start of a marriage because it is the first thing the married couple does together. It also gives everybody at the celebration a chance to enjoy a tasty dessert.

The first thing to do is to decide what design or theme you want. Our skilled cake makers in the West Midlands can create anything you like, whether it is floral, colours or something really special. Choosing something inspired by the dresses, decorations, venue or the couple’s relationship are the most popular themes.

If you’re thinking about a novelty wedding cake make sure you think carefully before you make the final decision. It might seem like a good idea at the time but you might think different when people start taking pictures. You want something you will be proud to show off at the time and look back on fondly.

The flavour of the cake is essential but if you choose a multi-tiered one you can choose a different one for each layer. Traditional fruit or sponge cakes are the safest option but you could also go for chocolate, carrot cake or something unique. Try testing flavours before you make the final decision.

Understanding the delivery and set up times is also important, especially if you want everything to be ready at the venue for when guests arrive. We are well known for providing timely and prompt services and we will make sure your cake is delivered in plenty of time for the party. When you decide on decorations for the venue take care to choose somewhere safe and prominent to place the cake.

Deciding when to serve the cake at the celebration is important, particularly if you want people to get the most enjoyment out of it. Some people have the wedding meal (normally including a dessert) then have the cake later on. Doing this can lower the impact, especially if people are busy having fun. You should time the cake cutting right to maximise the effect and ensure people have the chance to enjoy it.