Designing and creating the best 3D cakes

Cakes are much more than just tasty desserts; they form an important part of the decorations for many events and become one of the main centrepieces. As professional cake makers in the West Midlands, we always keep in mind that they need to look as good as they taste and capture attention. Our talented cake makers can produce amazing designs that look so good you’ll be amazed they are made from cake and are completely edible.

3D cakes are incredibly popular nowadays because they look that much better than standard flat ones. We have the skill to produce beautiful 3D cakes which not only look great, but are also designed for strength and sturdiness so they can stand upright and support their decorations with no problem.

There are many different options when it comes to the flavours and types of cakes we can provide. The best bases for 3D cakes are sponge or Madeira because they are firm and have a good texture when baked. They both go well with various fillings and decorations too. We can even add colour if you want to make the cake base truly stand out. We are always happy to work with you to ensure that you are totally happy with the tastes and flavours of your cake; after all, it’s there to be eaten as well as looked at!

We are highly experienced cake makers in the West Midlands and know how to construct impressive 3D cakes that will make a dramatic impact on your guests. You can see some of our amazing designs on our website and get an idea of what we can do. Remember every cake is designed for a specific person and custom made for them, so get in touch if you would like to start discussing your requirements with us. We are truly passionate about making the best cakes and will do all we can to produce amazing results.