Decorating your dream cake

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes and are a suitable centrepiece for almost any event you can think of. A beautiful creation that looks good, smells incredible and tastes even better is sure to be the highlight of any celebration. Some event organisers will even set the cake up in public on a well lit table so they take full advantage of the aesthetics.

When designing a cake, especially if you go for a complex 3D creation, you need to keep the stability in mind. You want the finished thing to stand up and look incredible rather than sinking under the weight or collapsing completely. A good tip is to freeze the cake once it is made before putting it together and icing it. This will make it easier to construct and makes it sturdier.

The icing choice is really important because it not only finishes the cake it also makes it stronger. There are several options to choose from in this regard, including a variety of colours, flavours and other things. You can even choose intricate designs if you want it to really stand out.

Getting the consistency of the icing right is essential if you want the best looking cake. There are several factors that will affect this including the temperature and humidity in your kitchen and the ingredients/equipment you use. Being careful with the amount of water you add is really important; if you add too much it will be runny and watery whereas too little will make it thick and stiff.

Stiff icing is typically used for decorations because it is easier to work with and lets you create a wide range of designs. Medium icing is typically used for the actual cake but can also be employed for some decorative elements too. Thin icing is the final option but is only typically used for basic design elements like writing and leaves because it is so much thinner.

If you’re considering a unique design, our cake makers in Wolverhampton will provide the perfect service and sculpt a beautiful cake, assuring you that you will receive a finished product that looks exactly as you intend it to. With our skill and experience in producing stunning cakes, you can be certain of making a real splash at your next big event. Get in touch to find out how we can help you make your cake vision come to life.