Choose the right birthday cake to make your child’s party extra special

Picking the best cake for a child’s birthday party is very important and gives you a great chance to surprise them with something special. You can choose a shape that they like, a flavour they will love and add fun accessories to accompany the cake if you want to make it look really great. When you choose a theme you can design a cake that fits with it and make the occasion really memorable. Getting a cake specially made rather than a shop bought one is also a really good idea because it will taste and look much better; it will also last longer so you can enjoy it over the days following the party.

When picking a cake the first thing to think about is the shape you want. The best cake makers can produce amazing cakes with stunning, eye-catching designs. Providers like Top Nosh Cakes can take almost any idea and bring it to life, whether it is a favourite movie or TV character, the badge of their favourite football team, pirates or any other special theme. You can decide whether you want a tiered cake, a flat one or a beautiful 3D masterpiece.

After the shape you need to decide the flavour. You can opt for a classic taste like chocolate or vanilla, go for a carrot cake or choose something more original. Remember you want to pick something that all of the guests will enjoy and you also need to consider if any of the kids have allergies that will restrict your choice of flavours.

Next you need to decide on the accessories you will choose to complete the design of the cake and make it ready for presentation. Choosing plates, napkins and other items to match your theme is the best idea and brings new dimensions to your decorations.

When you order a cake to be made especially for you make sure you get the dates right and ensure you can collect it or have it delivered at the right time. If you are collecting make sure you can transport the cake safely without damaging it; it may be wise to get someone to help you.

If you’re looking for cake makers in Solihull with the skills to create the perfect treat for your child’s party, Top Nosh Cakes is the company for you. We offer a quality service and have the drive and passion to produce the most stunning products we can. From the design to the taste you can tell why we are so highly regarded and the producer of choice for so many people in the local area.