Floral Cascading Wedding Cake

Amazing Wedding Cakes !

” Words cannot express how grateful we are in everything you did to make our wedding day so extra special. Our Wedding Cake was beautiful, we absolutely loved it and it tasted amazing, everybody loved it !

Your service was Top Class and Top Nosh, thank you very much Rachel and Brian xx

National Wedding Cake Finalists 2016

Bespoke Wedding Cake Designers and Bakers Top Nosh Cakes 2016

Top Nosh Cakes Do It Again !

Once again Top Nosh Cakes are in the spotlight for their wonderful and amazing edible creations. Couples have been casting their votes for 2016 best wedding cake designers. The wedding Industry have rated Top Nosh Cakes as one of the best in their category, Wedding Cake designer of the year2016.

Modern and extremely fashionable wedding cakes designed and created with passion that are truly personal and unique every time.

Top Nosh Wedding Cakes, you have to love them !

Make a statement with your wedding cake

Wedding cakes are far more than just a tasty dessert; they are a statement and an important part of the decorations for the occasion. The cake lets you add another personalised element to the celebration, especially when you work with talented producers that can create amazing bespoke designs. It is a chance to give guests an extra look at your relationship, the kinds of things the bride and groom like, and it can also be made to fit the theme too. Continue reading