Cake Makers West Midlands


If you have a special event approaching and you want a centrepiece that is guaranteed to simply dazzle and astound your guests then you have reached the right place. Top Nosh Cakes specialise in the production of the most inspiring and extraordinary cakes that are also a taste of paradise. When you lay eyes on our cakes you will be amazed at their unique beauty and the first bite is something you will never forget. The way we make cakes has changed dramatically over the last few years. Cakes are now a key component in every celebration and they have become bolder, bigger and brighter. We are specialists when it comes to the creation of original cakes that are true originals. We love to discuss ideas and visions with our customers so that we can get clear insight into exactly what it is you want. We take much of our inspiration from your imagination and we work hard to deliver you the grand and gorgeous desserts that will wow your guests.

We embrace every style of cake as we love nothing more than cranking the creativity up to full throttle and producing the most innovatively designed cakes on the market. It matters not how much your design ideas differ from anything else as it is the creative challenge we thrive on. The cakes we make are not just glorious taste sensations but they are aesthetic masterstrokes. The care and attention along with skill and experience produces a plethora of products that can move people in many ways. We employ a group of artists that love what they do and are constantly motivated to come up with one off cakes. Close communication with our customers ensures every design meets the specific requests and every message is successfully conveyed. Cakes can be personalised in so many ways be it edible booties for a bouncing new baby, or an adventurous pirate cake for your little treasure hunters. We have been successfully meeting diverse confectionery requests for many years now and from Xbox and Disney themes to cakes designed specifically for the interests of teenagers we have been responsible for the creation of all manner of incredible cakes.

When looking for cake makers West Midlands clients can feel confident that they have located the most cutting-edge cake company available. We respond to every request with zeal and positivity and no matter how quirky you think your idea is we will happily design, bake and deliver it. The cakes we have created over our many successful years in the industry have all played a key part in the celebrations of countless families and groups of friends. We are an independent, family operated business and we possess values that always ensure an ethical approach. Our prices are set competitively as we care about delivering the stunning cakes our customers truly desire. We do not believe finance should be an obstacle so we readily accommodate the budgets of our valued customers.