Cake Makers Birmingham


For as long as anyone can remember cakes have been an important part of all sorts of special events. Few things in this world come to signify the pleasure of a shared, mutual experience and mood of celebration than one has in having a fine slice of the same cake as everyone else. It is for this reason that a special cake is usually a major focal point of celebrations, whether it be a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary celebration or any other reason to get together and have a good time. As the leading and most highly regarded cake makers Birmingham party planners can call, we at Top Nosh Cakes make sure we bake and decorate to perfection.

Our position of being one of the top fifty cake designers in the UK today is something that we are understandably proud of. Our greatest pride, however, always comes in the form of making the dreams come true of all who call on us for the most perfectly baked caked. At Top Nosh Cakes we are committed to baking cakes that taste as good as they look, and look as perfect and divine as you had in mind. Our talented team is capable of creating something special uniquely for you, no matter how unusual or complex the ideas for how the cake should look are.

Whether you come to us with crystal clear ideas as to how you want a cake top look, or if you want our expert assistance in coming up with suggestions and designs, we are here to help. As the most gifted cake makers Birmingham has, we are comfortable and confident working from either your specific plans or from just a general idea of how you want it to look. In all cases, we can assure you of superb work destined to far exceed your hopes and expectations.

Some believe that a service as highly regarded as ours must come with a premium price attached. Whilst we are not going to pretend that a bespoke, custom created cake can ever be cheap, we do make ours as affordable as possible. Our creations, making a cake unique to you, usually start from £300 – less than you would pay in some places for just a standard design one. We are passionate about preparing perfect cakes, not pursuing profit.

No matter what special event you are celebrating or holding a party for, sharing and enjoying a cake is what completes the occasion. Having Top Nosh Cakes supply that for you is your way of assuring everyone gets a slice of the best one possible.