Birthday Cakes Birmingham


There is a lot to enjoy on our birthdays, but the birthday cake is, without a doubt, the whole centrepiece of the celebration. At the same time, though a generic cake is passable, a personalised cake is far superior. Not only does it represent the person far better, but it also creates something far more astounding than a mass-produced cake. Often, because it’s home-made, it ends up tasting a lot better too. With generic, mass-produced cakes, you can rarely get that personal touch. Only our team at Top Nosh Cakes can offer you that personal touch and awe-inspiring design that is normally missed out. Our birthday cakes in Birmingham offer the perfect way to celebrate a special day.

At Top Nosh Cakes, we believe that every cake should be unique to the individual that orders them. Though generic cakes taste good, there is nothing quite like a cake that is completely personalised for you. Every design that we do is planned alongside the customer, and is not just a generic design that we come up with. We work tirelessly alongside our clients to provide a first class service and a first class cake that is of their creation and imagination. Though we do understand that custom cakes can prove to be expensive and even cost-prohibitive on occasion, we do our best to provide all of our cakes for highly-competitive prices. We will always create a bespoke birthday cake that matches our clients vision and, perhaps most importantly, their budget.

All of our birthday cakes for Birmingham are guaranteed to be created of the highest calibre. No matter your design, just call us and we will happily discuss your requirements. Remember: We can and will cater to absolutely everyone. If you have any dietary requirements, we can adhere to them too. All you have to do is ask. All of our cakes are handmade in a kitchen that is kept pristine and adheres to the strictest health and safety regulations, with a five star hygiene rating. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of cake design for our birthday cakes.

When you’re looking for birthday cakes in Birmingham that are hand-made to the highest standard, personally for you, then we’re always open for new orders. Call us today on 0121 502 2644, and enquire with us on how we can make your best birthday cake. Alternatively, we can be reached by e-mail at We will respond to you as quickly as possible.